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Trying to find inspiration for my new fursona design is really hard.

I tried the realistic approach, getting inspiration from real animals. Found some points, noted them.

Now I tried to look at creature designs that other people made. Noted some of them down too.

But none really conveys my struggle of what I'm trying to create and at this point it feels like it's just impossible lol.

I just want a canine snout, a somewhat agile body, lizard claws, multiple tails, a lot of fur.

Especially the claws are giving me a hard time. The quadrupeds designed with such claws that I've found all had their claws with scales, and somewhere on the leg shift to fur. But I want it ALL to be fur. I can't be the first one to think of it. It'd just be very similar to a werewolf, yes, but quadruped.

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