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Some things that I doodled up during a D&D session. Trying to doodle some ideas what I want my sona to look like.

The first one was just a quick for fun sketch

The second one was an actual try to test some designs.

I would love to add more details to the neck and not have it just be a mass of fur. It will stay a mane, but I want to tangle stuff into it.

I was also experimenting with horns, crystals, long stuff, etc. on the body. Then I was also starting to think - from the real world perspective, if there would be such an animal, what would it need to survive? That much fur surely creates a lot of heat which needs to be drawn out. Most animals do that through the nose, ears and pawpads. I was trying to think of another source, another area where a large chunk of skin might look nice.

Legs were not a focus, wings are missing too, tails might still get more details too. I was only focusing on the body and what I can add, what works, what feels right... especially the last point.

If it wouldn't be so late now, I'd experiment some further with feather accessories. Maybe add some bones. I should also note down what I want to keep for an "enhanced" form. I decided for myself that I should make a simple, casual form and one that is extra epic, suited for fighting. An additional mystical feeling would be nice too.

Lots of ideas, but no idea how to put what where. I still have a long road ahead of me.

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