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Altum Silentium - Silence Plush

The plushie here is the reason why I was so quiet in the last weeks ^^; He kept me quite busy and was very elaborate to finish it.

While looking for suitable characters to sew as plushies, I actually remembered the character of a friend of mine: Silence, a character of Pharaonenfuchs. Silence is one of my favorite foxies of hers and it really appealed to me to sew him! After I got the okay from her, I ordered the needed fabric and started right away :D

Through him I have learned a few things again. For one thing, how to do jagged markings and that it's better to do the body first.... Because I had only finished the head before I made the body. Afterwards I realized that the head was too big XD So I had to sew it twice. But in the end it was good, because I didn't really like some things in the first head. Therefore, I was able to mend these flaws and therefore I like the 2nd version of the head really well! And yes, I'd rather re-sew a head than the body, the latter is far more complex to sew, haha.
Unfortunately, I was forced to use a lightweight minky version for the purple fur because the 380g version was sold out. I think it could have made some things easier to sew, but at least now I know how to sew a 300 g version.
The eyes and mouth were sewn on with felt and a tight zig-zag stitch. The claws are also made of felt and were sewn on top. The nose was also sewn on it this time, since my plastic noses were too small for the size of the plush :( It looked pretty dumpy.
The plush has a height of about 29 cm (~11,5" ) and a length of about 33 cm (~ 13" ).

Even though my hand hurt on some evenings and I pricked my finger more than once while doing the handwork (XD), I had a lot of fun working on this plushie :D It was fun to see how the character took more shape little by little and you could recognize it completely at some point (at least I hope so?! XD)

Let's see who I'll do next. But I think I'll take a little break from sewing plushies for now, haha.

grey & black Minky fabric 380 g
purple Minky fabric 300 g
sewing thread
white and black felt
ironing fleece
paper to print out for the pattern
filling cotton

Silence © by Pharaonenfuchs

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